Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Phelove’s 2ND Bday Party!

Attended Phelove’s 2ND Minnie mouse themed party on Sat!
Shared a cab with Salina
and off we went to Downtown East!

Mel bz trying to take a self shot

Brought Trev over to Phelove and asked him to wish her Happy Bday

Trev snacking on snacks from the goody bag, as usual.

Phelove wants some! Trev is wary and protective over his crackers

Surprise bday kiss! HAHAHAHA

Phelove “OMGZ”

awwww hahaha

Phelove surprised us!
She held her Grandma’s hand and brought her to Trev
as thou she wanted to introduce her  to him lolll

Ah yi AI ni!!!

with your busy mother/host

cheeky Trev super high hahaha

went to the toilet, lighting quite good so why not? HAHAHA

Playing with Darius!

Negotiating with Phelove hahaahha

Hubby and meeee


Pearl setting up Phelove’s bday cake!
Sweet and pretty cake!

Loved the cake! Tasted really good too! I had a huge piece!

Tan family!

Phelove was a duper cute sweetheart during cakecutting
She was so hyped up so excited and soooo happy!

the above group shots were taken by my hubby
and his name is quite recognized by the mummies already
Well known for bad phototaking skills
Appreciate his help with the photos but…… hahahahahha

The above pics Velle was cut off! why?!

then this group pic he left extra space beside me… FOR WHAT?

318360_10150317365032473_728827472_8294644_1249499649_nwith Yanwen and Evelynn

with Yiling and Jennifer

Pearl gave me a huge piece,
which I was supposed to share with Hubby
But i finished it up HAHAHA

& I shamelessly requested for a bow hahahahah

then it was pinata!

group pic! Jen Yiling Pearl Yanwen Salina Me

with cuteeeee Darius

the few of us then went to the arcade @ EHUB after the party!
Took Neoprints!!


Lots of fun!!!
Got home pretty late and packed up for our trip the next day
More on that soon!