Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lunch @ Town

It has been sooooo long since we finally met up
with Yanwen and family!
Trev and Chlovelle were so fun and cute to look at!
They were so much fun!

We met them at town, with or without car, we were still really LATE

Trev and Chlovelle!

They’ve all grown taller

SO sweeeet!!

Having fun together!

We had lunch at IPPUDO!
I wanted to keep my ramen all to myself
The soup was really really yummy!
& true enough, after Ippudo,
I will never wanna go to Ajisen ever again


IMG_3782Weee! All of us!



My yummy bowl of Ramen!
They asked if we wanted Soft, Medium or Hard for the noodles
We stunned and discussed amongst ourselves & decided on Medium lol

Before I tasted the egg, I had doubts
Eh why this egg need to cost $2
After I ate it, I shut my mouth
The egg was cooked to perfection NOM NOM

After lunch, we shopped around

Leaving Paragon, hand in hand

the cute couple walked ahead of us, hand in hand
and they made heads turn.. so cute so cute

stopped in the middle of Orchard rd and attempted a shot together


IMG_3784Pics i grabbed from Yanwen

Trev and Chlovelle

I like how we keep conversations going without having to try
It has been quite awhile since we last met
& it was really nice to catch up!

Im also hoping the BBQ we talked about will happen!!!
Before no more time already!! OMG