Monday, September 05, 2011

Long Weekend!

Saturday was polling day for the President election!
& it was also our first weekend with Huangz sold
We took a bus to Yishun from sengkang
cuz Hubby had to cast his vote there




IMG_3512We waited outside

We pre booked tickets for Cars 2 at Causeway point
so we hurriedly took a train down for our 515pm movie!

IMG_3519kept telling Trev “Can mummy take a picture of you with the cars?”
he didnt say yes didnt say no AND HE didnt move

But after the rest were done with their pictures,
Trev went forward and stood there for me! HEHEHE

IMG_3520He enjoyed the movie!
Probably the longest duration movie Trev has ever sat through
& we all enjoyed it

IMG_3521Now he recognizes the cars and goes “ Cars TWO Cars TWO”

IMG_3526after our movie and dinner,
we took a bus back to sengkang and switched to another bus
to Ehub!
sometimes i feel our internal batteries very lasting

played a few games of bowling and cabbed home

We’ve been itching v badly for mj these days
but sometimes recruiting kakis or a place to play can be super frustrating

IMG_3528Us the crazy couple played MJ with our mini tiles
Yes, 2 person

IMG_3529With our mini mj table LOL
Minimum 2 tai to game and winner gets to shoot forehead


IMG_3531We got abit crazy abit too free right? haha




We also went on a movie date that weekend
Final Destination 5
Gory but gore until no standard
Prefer the SAW series

BTW i’m still moody LOL
cos this whole weekend quite lifeless

next few weeks He’ll be bz with work
im gonna be even more lifeless
plus Pearl going work tmr le SOB
me so 孤单北半球

this entire september, i’m only looking forward to 2 things
1)Take allowance
2)Wedding anniversary

Past 2 anniversaries we v poor
then didnt do anything significant together
not good lei…
know why?

Cos when we asked each other “eh last 2 yrs we do what ah on our anni?”

mus at least have something significant and memorable
not too fancy, jus something memorable….