Friday, September 16, 2011

I Smurf You

Met up with Yanwen, Lewis and Chlovelle again on Sunday
for Smurf at NEX!
Triple date k! Me and hubs, Lewis and YW and Trev and Velle
This time we weren’t late! HAHAHA

photo_1grabbed pics from Yanwen’s again
Don’t mind de hor? lol!

photo_2Enjoyed the movie!
Super love the Narrator Smurf
Movies at the Nex theatre always so comfy

Asked Trev to stand side by side with Velle
but he insisted on standing In front of her


Now when I show Trev Chlovelle’s pics,
He wont say Chlovelle
He’ll say HOLD HANDS hahahaha

Velle taking the lead!

We parted ways after the movie
& headed to Town cos Hubby wanted to shop for shoes
Dreaded going to town
Always dont know what to wear!
But when I reach town i v relieved
Actually alot also wear lok lok go town AHAHAH

IMG_3701Us at the station!

IMG_3703went shopping without our stroller! OMG will die!
but we survived hahahaha




IMG_3711consoles self “wear like that is not lok kok is RELAX style”

IMG_3713on all smiles!


IMG_3717shopped at ION and hubby got tops and shoes from Topman
then i insisted we go to Bugis!
I didnt like town but i went just to acc hubby
He didnt like bugis but he went just to acc me

I prefer cheap stuff!
So if wanna spend, i wanna spend at BUGIS!

Shopped til the skies turned dark
then to BK for dinner!




Entire post filled with our pics
Actually online blogshops clothes all available at Bugis
Can touch can feel can see the quality
No need reg or normal postage
Why dont just go there squeeze abit and buy instead?

But still,
Online shopping is just much more convenient
heres one to shop at k!


Winking smile