Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Day Event!

Auntie Veni gave us tickets to the
FDAWU Mid Autumn Family Day Event ,
at the Bottle Tree Park!
They were in charge of hosting this event!

We took a direct bus from sengkang to the park!

Heading in excitedly with mum

I’m “OK” to enter hahaha

Trev frowned upon seeing the crowd HAHAHA

We had coupons and could use them for games,
fringe activities, free popcorn, free dinner, and goodie bags!

to slide a Glass with water and have it stop directly after the line

Spot the enthusiastic one who wants to get involved hahaha

Hubby pattern more than badminton
He poured water on the table
he wanted to “make it more slippery”

two attempts, both NO WHERE NEAR hahahaha

With Isaac!

Sculptured balloons for the boys!

Mirror mirror on the wall Isaac’s the fairest of them all

Then it was 5pm!
Auntie Veni got longkang fishing coupons for us!!!
Skipped the queue!

Crowded pond!

Pond almost emptied out
Qianhu fish farm had more fishes in their pond
BUT surprisingly, Bottle Tree easier to catch!
and so much more fun! Can enter the pond!
Qianhu cannot!

Fisherman Trev!

So happy! Fishes were so much prettier too!

super focused

careful with the fishies

yay! the fishes caught!

we had fun <3

Sweaty and cui

Trev so sickening fake fake step on twigs

Until purposely step and tease Isaac

Pic with my sister!
We dont look alike hor? haha

Mum and her bff Auntie Veni
Before i took this she say eh we 黑白两道 hahaha

Mum and sis!

Trev went up close and pet a bird!

Isaac with a huge parrot!

Took a pic with it!

Love this pic!



IMG_3590sweaty us taking a break!

Super eventful day with my family
Daddy missing out on it AGAINZ
Hope we get to do a picnic together soon!!!

Daddy coming back this end september!
Can plan can plan!