Thursday, September 29, 2011


Eve of our 3rd Anniversary

Got up early and prepared to set off to Harbourfront
for our ferry to Batam!

told Trev we were going on a HOLIDAY!

had a huge argument jus 2 days before our trip
But i got pray to god for peace and to be EN AI for 3d2n

my hugeass and heavy Prada bag hubby got for me for my
advance wedding anni present from his France trip

Acted as my luggage for my trip cos its HUGE



us feelin excited!

Trev onboard the ferry!

he’s never seen such a huge ship before

Reached waterfront terminal after 45 mins of ferry!

waterfront terminal
other than water there really isnt anything else there

Harris’s shuttle picked us up from the terminal
and it was a mere 5 mins drive back to the resort!

Got there at 12pm batam time
and could only check in at 2pm

walked over to Harris’s New wing!
thats where our room was
Old wing was pretty lok kok I didnt even bother to take a pic
too spoil the Harris image already HAHAHA

Our package came with free bowling games,
free bicycle rental, free pizza, terminal transfers and
a one time shuttle to town!
This was the BICYCLE RENTAL available for all lollol

happy happy! new wing is chioer

to our room!

pretty simple and neat

loved the comforter, tv channels, and aircon!

Trev loved it!

IMG_3877especially the harris bolster

saved our one time shuttle for Day 2
and took a cab to Nagoya Hill Mall
Harris quoted us SGD15 for the trip there and another SGD15 back
arranged a timing for the same driver to come pick us back

Nagoya hill was pretty huge
Quite alot of toy shops and shops that sold cute bags and shoes for kids

had our lunch at A&W
its like a must hor?
for singaporeans to go crazy when they saw the long lost A&W
thinking “MUST EAT MUST EAT!”

but actually after eating,
will feel HMMM not really that fantastic, normal…

im guessing its kampong chicken cos v skinny v small hahah


went to the hypermart cos drinkable water in Trev’s bottle was running low

ended up with super alot of items
We even bought an entire box of Indomee/Ibumee(?)
to bring back to sg
and 2 big packs of huggies pull ups

bought 2 thomas and friends diecast trains to add on to Trev’s collection!
it is chiong one

The cab came to pick us up at 7pm
and it was another 40 mins journey back to Harris
Decided to have our dinner back at the resort

at Harris Cafe

Can’t believe myself, this tom yam kung is super Assam-y
reaaaaally salty but i had it 3 times
I probably had a few weeks lesser to live after these 3 bowls
Yummy but doesnt taste healthy HAHA

Hainan chicken oil set
Oh oops i meant Hainan chicken RICE set

That pretty  much sums up DAY 1 at Batam!

A day before our trip,
Hubby left a gift box and a card at home and left for work
Cos we argued big time the night before
So i thought this was an apology gift HAHAHA
cos he alr gave me anni present ma!
The prada bag what!!

realized its a gift for me for our anniversary after reading the card~

opened up the box and am surprised!

needed a new phone cos my iphone 3gs no longer produced any sort of sound
and i really loved my gift!

& as for my surprise gift to hubby,
I kept mum about it and had it hidden in my bag until the clock striked 12
on the eve of our anniversary

Hubby said I alr gave up the thought of receiving a present from you

Hope this player can accompany you through the sad morning bus rides to work

I actually did up a video and named it CREATIVE SAMPLE
and while hubby explored the player,
I somehow just knew he’d try to watch any available videos

He really tot is some sample video leh
It was only until our picture pop out in the video
I thought he wld be touched to tears but he didnt leh

Above is the video he watched from the creative player

Not for those who don’t believe in love HAHAHAH

SO SHY omgz
will blog up BATAM DAY2 SOON!