Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekdays with Trev

Was pretty enthu the past week to bring Trev out for lunch
Staying home makes one lazy
I didnt want to resort to home delivery
So we went to Hougang mall for lunch one day!

A direct bus to Hougang Mall!

IMG_3459Had our lunch at Ichiban sushi!


IMG_3462Savouring his Tamago



IMG_3467 We love Ichiban’s Katsu cheeeeese!

IMG_3469Bought Fiesta cheesecakes!

IMG_3471Longest journey with Trev
From hg mall to serangoon then to bishan
and then took a bus to my sis’s place!
But he was so well behaved!
A toddler who obediently holds hands makes travelling alot easier!


and we also went to Ehub the other day!

IMG_3447I asked Trev if he was willing to take neoprints with me
after i played a few rounds of arcade basketball with him –.-


IMG_3452we sat tog for a super long time and decorated our pictures together!
He jus scribbled and made a mess hahaha


waited for hubby to knock off from work that day
and he brought us for steamboat dinner!
Steamboat is like a boat you don’t want to get off

Then we went all the way to Chevrons

We accompanied Hubby while he bowled with his friends

I caught a toy from the machine there for Trev!
and this touch screen game kept Trev occupied

Dont know invest how many $1 coins in this le
Trev’s the #1 scorer in this game
Next time u all go Chevrons see his name #1 leh HAHAHAHA