Monday, August 15, 2011

Simple Sunday

Went window shopping at Vivo
Fell in love with this Transformers bicycle
from Toysrus
So cute, stylish and sturdy!!!

Wanna get this for Trev once he turns 3!

he likes it but his legs were still too short

Cute hor!!! Like haro bike!

This 2 seater Chevrolet ride caught Trev’s attention!
Imagine Trev driving a friend!!

It’d be so cool!

But basically the price also very COOL
Not something we will or can afford for a TOY REMOTE CAR

Outdoor fun for Trev

Then hubby drove us to ECP in the evening!

Bought Macs Family Dinner box!


Junkie us enjoying the breeze

So relaxing!




Trev loves corn!

Sharing good times with good food
We Red heartMACS

We left the park shortly after the skies turned dark
Mac’s family dinner box super value for money
& the box v cute HAHAHA