Monday, August 22, 2011

Playdate with Phelove

Plans were to meet Pearl and Phelove at Ehub for lunch!
& since Explorerkidz was pretty empty,
we brought the kids there to play!

$15 to reg for member,
and an additional $9 for all day play on a weekday

Trev having fun in the pretty ball pit!

swimming in it –.-

Showing Phelove some love HAHAHA

Phelove and Trev had fun with each other!

Phelove and Trev

Trev teasing Phelove with the balls
Phelove’s reaction super adorable!!! hahaha

Macs for a little snack and then
for bowling!!!

A long and fruitful day with the girls!
We stayed out all day
So much fun and chatter!

lots of other stuff we promised each other
Kuishinbo, Wildwildwet, cycling
go sing k, and bowling!

but for now, SAVE MONEY FIRST