Friday, August 12, 2011

Day @ IMM!

Being the ‘Sengkangites’,
heading to the west has always been somewhat tedious
But becos its such a rare place to be at,
we found everything so wow and wee

The playground at IMM was SO much FUN

The tree house playground area
with faux grass SO SHIOK + CLEAN

Hubby struggling for a pic w Trev
while i laid back and relaxed with my dainty dress LOL

Dont say kids will go gaga la
even I also wanna go slide!
The treehouse so pretty!
Trev didnt go on the slides
Jus in case he hyperventilates from the steepness of it

Trev with the gigantic apples!

Trev got rly excited

Conquering the peak of the banana



Did acrobats on the carrot
then decided on gg back to his fav banana

Banana boat ah? lol


My son v flexible!
Doing stunt

Stunt attracted a curious girl

& caught her attention HAHAHAHA
But ACTUALLY, he slipped and got stuck
he didnt know what to do if let go will fall if nv let go also stuck
ahhaahahhahaha so funny

Hubby and meeeee!

proceeded to the other playground!

then we changed Trev up for waterplay!

waterplay at IMM

The MAN who is still a BOY

Trevie enjoyed waterplay so so so so so so much!!!

when Trev gek he got 4 pac LOL!!!

Disturb other girls lollol


all his wacky funny funny pattern start already

fighting the water jets HAHA

Trev gonna chut special power already


this pic so funny!
The angle like Merlion!

2 videos of Trev during waterplay!

Trev was sooooo happy
Happy boy is now 2yrs 4 months old!

Cutest phase!
So fun to communicate with too!