Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bowling night

LAST Saturday,
Mum went over to sis’s place for the night
So we were home alone

Then we decided to go to Chevrons
instead of staying in

Happy Trevie

I think im a marvellous wife LOL
I took care of Trev and did nothing but watch hub and his friends play
From 10 –2am?
Trev had a late long nap at home
So he remained hyper til we got home omg

Relax one corner

Hubby practicing for the bowling tournament (alr over)
55th out of 88 competitors
ok la hor? LOL

kept Trev entertained with touch screen games

Love how Trev would behave when we bowl
We didnt have to keep him strapped in

u see they were the only ones left bowling there

Need to find time to blog on Uniquetius bday soon!
I took alot alot alot of pics hahaha

I woke up today with fever, blocked nose, sore throat and body aches

But hubby so sweet he cooked mee sua for me
gave me med and let me sleep in til 3pm
he even brought Trev out alone all the way to Vivo!
& bought him the wooden Thomas & friends trainset

Keep checkin back this space!