Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zoo Zoo Zoo

Mum was able to get free passes to the Zoo
and all of us went!
We reached the zoo by noon

now feels like the best age for zoo!
Trev was able to name out the animals he was familiar with

almost 9 out of 10 times we visit the zoo,
the tapirs always either nuaing or too far to spot

Trev pointed at the tapirs and said “panda” –.-


Baboons feeding time!

the baboons nipples i promised LOL

baboons v gangster!

my lover boy!


we braved the trip to the zoo with a hangover
630 sleep 9 plus wake eh!!

i too over le

hubby camwhoring with Trev
his bb can throw away! bb cam sucks!!

Trev and Ah ma!

my mummy :D

our happy boy!!

wore my bubble flops to the zoo
cute not cute not?
wear already will feel taller!

this icy slush thingy $5.90 lor
but v shiok on a hot sunny day!

super huge and cute rabbit!

i’ve ever thought of getting a rabbit as a pet
i asked an owner before,
whats the lifespan of an average rabbit?
8 years.

ok lor i walked away LOL

v cute hor
me and my mum found something v special about this rabbit
but cant put our finger to it
after awhile then noticed

OHHHH! the ears!!

pony pony pony!

Trev having fun at the Rainforest Kidzworld
Didnt take much pictures
& Trev decided to gek sai while he was playing
so we hurriedly brought him to the toilet to gek
But he didnt poo!!! GRRRRR

we v hardcore!!
after zoo, we rushed home to shower!
then to Sandy’s bb Javian’s baby shower!

That in the next post k!
Net book batt low! BYE