Friday, July 29, 2011

Just another day

Looking 14 storeys down to the park below my block
The trees looked like broccolis

So quiet and serene

That’s because

I was home alone

zoom in
my chatty Trev was downstairs with mum

I was behaving like an idiotic freak
Cos i shouted TREV TREV from 14th to the 1st
They could hear me lei!

He went downstairs til he didnt wanna come up
So lioness me had to go down HEEHEE

Went home to shower
& then to Compass point for lunch!

Ice cream treat aft lunch at Yoshi

Trev savouring each n every lick off his cone
and a final laugh at the end of the video

Ah ma taught him how to sing catholic songs
he knows how one but he jus refuses

My boy is growing sooooo quickly!
Now got character le!
and temper –.-