Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Javian’s Baby Shower + PH

After our zoo trip,
we rushed home to shower and met Mitchie and Js
by the time we got to Sandy’s place it was already 8+
so late so late! So paisei!

268348_1961147703565_1088989727_31716714_7786363_nJavian looks jus like Phoebe and Charlene!
Siblings all look alike de hor?
Why me and my sis dont look alike HA HA

Malcolm and Trev!!
I feel Malcolm and Trev sort of same built
head size same everything v alike LOL
The both of them got along quite well!

Thou I cld still remember when Trev was 15 mths old
he bit Malcolm’s toes

I like Malcolm!!! Ke ren lai kan baba baba bu zai jia~~
Trev can say Malcolm’s name!
Even thou they seldom met

Trev and Phelove!
Trev now also can say Phelove’s name le!

Malcolm Melody Melanie and Trev!
All the Ms

Salina and meeee <3

263404_1961140223378_1088989727_31716677_5461311_nalways only birthdays and parties then can meet Salina!!!

264769_1961143903470_1088989727_31716697_552106_nSalina, Pearl, Michelle, Me and Sandy!!!

270172_1961289667114_1088989727_31717187_1498623_nMitchie like wanna stand up and fight
i somehow like this picture!
I know i slouch but i like
like very nua HAHAHAHA

271180_1961295667264_1088989727_31717225_2479850_nDaddy feeding Trev a cute cupcake!

self high HAAHAHHAHA

my angle never catch correct
everyone slant one side
everyone only one side shoulder exposed
nv leave space let me squeeze in tsk  hahahhaha

okok have already have already HAHAHAAHHA

I had fun catching up with the mummies!
We chatted and stayed til quite late.

We left with Mitchie and family
wanted to bowl but THENZ… no lane
so we went home and put our tired kids to sleep

We tu and tu and tu at home
and left home @ about 2am to go PH
HA HA HA siao lang
so late so late

anyhow wear and go
so late alr tot also no one see

end up still need queue
2+ AM LEH still need queue

JS & Mitchie :)

love to play games w her!
how she drink also like nth
somebody is trained lolol

JS say he saw hubby see girls very obvious
I confront him he tell me : I THOUGHT U KNOW ONE?
hahahhaha nvm lor see only

we stayed til lights on

left & cabbed home

zomg morning go zoo
then bukit batok to sandy’s place
then to ph

<3 <3 fun filled!