Friday, July 29, 2011

Housewife day

Made myself really useful on a Monday!
Cleared, cleaned, mopped our room,
Did and hung up the laundry
& cooked dinner before Hubby came home from work!

the Delphin pot that was too small
Didnt use the slowcooker because its really v slow

Radish and carrot soup!
I what also put
Ikan billis, red date & wolfberries LOL

minced pork steamed egg

simple sardines with onions

they liked it (: HOR???

After dinner, hubby went out for bowling with his friends
So I stayed home
& spent a little me time after Trev went to bed

Hubby bowled til 12mn
& asked me to meet him downstairs to go out walk walk
^^ felt like old times when he came to pick me up

So i chop chop prepared
I can nv leave the house without makeup HAHA

Us at 126 again!
light dim sum for supper so wont so sinful

He so happy HAHAHAHA

we share one container of lime juice
SWEET MA? hahahaha er xin lol

i love har gow har gow loves me

i told hubby when i reviewed this pic that he took of me
"later i mus tag the person behind me in fb lei”

candid HAHAH

we always order the same old stuff
cos its so good u jus wanna keep having the same few

after supper (supposedly NOT AS sinful)
we made it sinful by crossing the road of geylang for

wa lau too bitter for me!
I kept sneezing!! the smell too overwhelming
I suppose like that then considered potent?

hubby loves durian
he mentioned before he loves refrigerated durians with hot rice

red light district really got red light HAHAHA

got home to the sweetest sleeping Trev