Friday, July 15, 2011

Got hair?

Super impromptu decision to get our hair dyed

Salina knows of this place where u can get ur hair dyed for only
$20 (ALL LENGTH) wtf so cheap
I asked if dye + highlight + trim how much
they said total $50 WTF?!

cheap until lao sai

we got there at 830pm they close at 930
so i figured out i dont be mafan la
jus simple dye away my yellow hair

anyway its at Yio chu kang
exact address not too sure need to ask

268378_1963144513484_1088989727_31720143_2137350_nactually my previous hair quite ok hor?
i have this regret-after-change syndrome
change colour alr then feel HMMM
why so ordinary

IMG_2748Salina! <3

269575_1963145513509_1088989727_31720146_2525543_nSalina dyed MEGA RED
red like v hard to eat so i encouraged her to choose the super red one

IMG_2749i dont know we paisei what
we were sitting side by side but chose to sms each other instead haha

IMG_2751my ordinary hair HA HA
dye only nv trim

haven’t one week but feel like changing colour alr LOL


Salina more daring
Cut bangs  + dye red

Id rather die than to have bangs
I always feel tt people who wear specs rarely look good w bangs
cos w specs and w bangs i’ll look like im wearing a helmet

I want change color who want go together?