Thursday, July 07, 2011

Christelle’s 2ND Bday Party!

We went to Costa Sands Downtown east resort
last Saturday for Christelle’s 2ND Bday Party!

Goody bag for Trev when we arrived!

260171_207105542669016_100001087152731_573217_4472932_nwith Evelynn and Salina

271140_207105712668999_100001087152731_573218_5434096_nWith Salina and Pearl!

Trev was given a cute Elmo ring but i wore it instead HAHA

Sophia did a sword balloon and gave it to Trev!

Happiest! Inside the room playing Kungfu Panda’s dvd!

放下屠刀 Trev decided to leave his sword with Phelove LOL

and walked a balloon dog instead

Pearl with Mabel + Jerbel, and Tangeok + Rayvelle!

Trev refusing to let the dog go

Pretty mama Evelynn setting up the cupcakes and cake for cake cutting!

Grabbed Kaylene for a pic!
Shes so bubbly!

heehee my hubby very happy can eat sesame street cupcakes

Pearl and Phelove! <3

Lucky draw for the kids!!

Trev relax one corner behind Phelove gonna assasinate him HAHA

Phelove’s blur face so funny!!!! HAHAHAHA

I couldnt squeeze in to take a better pic :(

the awesome cupcake tree! very yums too!

the room with the decor

Sophia Trisha, Sherlyn Kayla and Evelynn Christelle

Trev loves me HEEHEE

the mummies getting ready for a group pic!

Im so sorry mus blame my husband lousy skills HAHAHA

263043_207108552668715_100001087152731_573242_6389415_nmy pics too cui liao had to grab a pic of us from Evelynn’s fb

chubby Kayla!

with Salina!
We need to meet up often!! IKEA soon babe!

Yummy! Elmo choco cupcake!

The number Trev drew from the lot!

Cheryth Chlovelle Trev and Phelove!

Melody and Trevie

Chlovelle didnt wanna play with Trev throughout the party!!
Like v distant
But when Trev met Velle he got a little excited!

No usual spark and mo qi leh!

Cheryth and Chlovelle so xiao jie!


1353With Pearl, Evelynn, Salina and Maggie!

After the party, we left and went to KFC!
Snacked on some food

Cheryth saw that Trev was playing Tozzle,
She went to take her mama’s phone, and come over
She then chose the exact same puzzle Trev was playing to play tog
So cute so sensible!

Velle and Trev warming up HAHAHA

Trev blur, but Velle happy hahaha!

Velle trying hard to break Trev out of his game

We had fun at the party!
Been so long since Trev could gather with so many friends
Hoping for the next gathering!!!