Sunday, July 03, 2011

after hours

If u’ve been wondering . . . .

The turtles are doing pretty good
Eat, sleep, sunbathe under the sunlight,
and makes countless attempts to escape their tank

Trev’s been really sweet to them
He practically wants no skin contact with the turtles LOL
Did not inflict harm or injury to them
All he really does is feed them

hmm ya and maybe play with the coloured sand LOL

every small action i make the terrapins will jump up in shock
why so timid one ah?

random pics of Trev at the playground after dinner

we brought Trev to the Anchorvale swimming complex
one evening before dinner!

Happy! High 5 with his buddy Daddy!

Daddy bought this Zara swimming trunks from Paris for Trev
Cute?!!? Prints of skulls!

my son got cute perky buttocks!

He refused to proceed further at the kids pool area
He liked the adult pool instead!!


at the indoor pool

I can’t wait to blog about my wasp ordeal man
I kept going its a bee its a bee
but google helped me realized its a wasp

A wasp made me armpit sweat
and 坐立不安 sia LOL

K i go sleep bye