Sunday, July 24, 2011

After-Dinner Stroll

Dinner with my loves on a thursday night!
Dimsum @ 126 FTW!!!

Carrot cake, fried fish fritters, fried prawn dumpling & chok chok!

prawn dumplings made me miss my haopengyou
so yummy i like it cos of her intro

awesome chicken wings from 126

after dinner,
hubby randomly decided to drive us to the Esplanade (:

Chuckling Trev :D

pretty city lights


to make Trev smile I say CHEESE no use
i must say TAILANG
Kungfu’s panda that villian –.-
strange taste hor? hahahaha

Trev’s first time with the Merlion that sprouts water!
can i use the word sprout ah? like wrong hor?
vomit also like wrong
HMMMM spray? shoot? puke? AHHH i dont know la

not so atas us at atas fullerton

A peaceful night well spent!
Shortens the wait to our weekend!

<3 me famz!

p/s Ive been wondering if there’s anyone out there
who’d read a wordy post from me
COS HOR i am well known for asking questions
good questions bad questions
& most of the time dumb questions

i am a dua char gong