Monday, July 25, 2011

1st hour into MONDAY


I am bored and lazy

What are the few things u feel most embarrassed about?

I have a long personal list.

Going to the toilet knowing that the cubicle beside u is occupied
but u had to let out a wet fart to lao sai

Solution : Keep pressin the flush button. GEK while u PRESS
Flush can cover the unglam poot
Alternatively, U can purposely pull toilet roll v loudly lol

3 person in a room/car
U talking to one of them but that person didnt hear u
U’re ignored.

Solution : giggle and act like ure talking to friend #2
& avoid eye contact

U’re acting chio when ur friend spots a bug on the back of ur head

Solution: STAY CALM (not easy)
                   say “eh look i brought my pet friend out his name is arthur”

Somebody says “WA SLIM DOWN ALR AH!!”
He replies “ er i mean ur son”

Solution: FYL and be humble
“OH CHEY~ becos his fats pass to me ma”

Left the toilet with the back of ur shirt tucked into ur shorts
at PLAZA SINGAPURA (somewhere crowded)

Solution: Pull it out QUICKLY and act like ure dusting something off it

I think i v bo liao HAHAHAHA
but actually all that happened to me before
I can be quite suay

Both phone and camera kana water before
I kana robbed before
Kana injured before
Kana cheated before
Kana drunk indian man disturb before
Kana touch waist in mrt before
Kana wasp ordeal before

Only nv kana whacked before

Hope aft this post i wont kana

i too sian alr HAHAHAHA
tmr then blog ECP post

my hubby is snoring
with his mouth open

I dont like him sleeping on the bed before he showers


I am planning on rolling tiny tissue balls
& drop it in his noisy opened mouth

he’ll probably choke
HAHAHAHA so funny
I go and do now