Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trev’s 1st Pet!

We went to Qian Hu Fish Farm last weekend!

family picture fail

Trev has always loved feeding the koi fishes!
They’re always so hungry!
$1 for a packet of fish food!

Hubby and Trev so sweet :D

I want more!”

greedy koi haha

After feeding the fishes,
We tried longkang fishing!

Everyone made it look like it was so easy!
But it wasnt!!

Trev observing how its done LOL

Trying it out himself!

LOL Trev doesnt want daddy holding onto his shoulders

it wasn’t easy but we managed to catch a few
Everytime we catch one and put it in our tank,
Trev will then pour it back into the pond

Ya even this little one was set free by holy Trev

I find it super fun I wanna go fish again!
This time with my own net! lol no need share & waste time

$5 for 1/2 an hour
includes a net and a tank
u only get to keep the tank
and the fishes u caught
$4.50 for the subsequent 1/2 hour

& because Trev kept releasing the fishes we caught,
we ended up having to leave with an EMPTY tank
How disappointing right?!

window shopping through the fishes on sale
this black and white one is named panda something!
so cute

tattoo molly!

literally kana drawn on with markers lor

IMG_2539heeheehee  daddy decided to get 2 terrapins
Trev’s 1st pet!
But actually he jus feeds it
I clean their tank and them
& now im actually worrying about
i should redesign their “habitat”

I still think the multi coloured sand didnt achieve that wet and dry habitat!
We might need a bigger tank soon!

When Trev left the farm while holding onto the tank with his 2 new pets,
he swung it around a tad too hard
clink clank!! and they hid in their shell
Felt so bad!!! It made me cringe!

So hubby named them Giddy and Dizzy –.-
One was skinnier the other fatter

IMG_2547our lips look alike hor?!


We had a happy weekend!
Tonight before Trev went to bed he requested to see his ‘turtles’!
and then fed them

Turtles are sort of reptiles right?
Omg why their pellet food will got tiny bugs one ah?!