Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunday with the Mummies!

Initial plans were to attend the mummies gathering
at Changi airport hosted by Lynn via FB

Salina, Sherin and Iarranged to meet at Compass point for lunch
before we head down to the airport!

Lunch at Pizza hut!

Been so long since I last saw Melody!
Her hair grew so quickly!

Salina and Melody :D

Zayden arrived in style

Lao da remove his backpack


Zayden and Trev! Hope they become gd buddies in future!!

Zayden’s pattern more than badminton

Now we know who can be sparks ambassador HAHHAHA

We arrived at Changi Airport T3

camwhore in nursing room
haven’t take with sherin behind alr got people queueing to come in
so paisei so paisei

We did meet up with Lynn then we went ahead to check out the
Singkids Playsystem at T3’s Basement
We skipped going in there
Partly cos the equipments were lame
No slides
very crowded
very small
Clearly its not worthy of our $18
Lynn agrees too (anticipating for the next event u host k?)

We parted ways and had to come up w Plan B
Sat and rot almost wanna give up
Didnt know where to go

Melody v cool
Zayden and Trev both showed affection to her
She ignores them both
I think she playing hard to get hahahaha!

Happened to snap them pointing at the same direction!

Persistent Trev 纠缠不清

Sherin then came up w a brilliant idea
& that was to go to Pasir ris Farmway
Her hubby’s uncle owns a particular farm there(?right?)
Not somewhere we get to go all the time
So we went!!!!

It was sorta like a hotel for the animals
Eye opener even for me!
We walked in an alley full of cats
CLEAN AND GENTLE CATS with no weird poo stench!

The pool for dogs!

Salina muscles breaking resting on the bench HAHA

Very curious very interested but TIMID

his eyes never left the dogs

THERE!!! so cute!

Probably the first time Trev has ever seen a dog swimming

The cute doggie that kept Salina entertained while she rests lol

there were 3 dogs in the pool
but this particular one was so cute and active!!

Trev freaks out a little every now and then

doggie splash!!!

ya dog owners can swim with them haha cute!

act one want to go in

this Labrador so cute so cute
he’s super huge think if he stand on two legs got as tall as me


SEE!! that Labrador sit down about same height as zayden!

A very fun sunday with the double S!!!
We went home with sore arms but it was a fun day to remember!