Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nite nite

one friday night when our plans were ruined,
cos one cld tend to the sleeping Trev
we decided to play a quiet game of Othello

it was like 1am?
Trev woke up and joined us –.-

then on Sat, my mum returned home from my sis’s place
she teased me that she managed to “runaway” before hubby and I could
we felt super helpless hor!

But the next night she helped us w Trev
YAY YAY YAY then we ran out
and went home before we exceed her comfort time LOL

Plans with mitchie and her hubby
was to jus find a random pub at kpg bahru
but Pearl called and said her hb and friends wld b gg kpg bahru too!
we met there hung out at e same pub but diff tables

my last meet up w mitchie
next will be like AUG zzzz

she brought old sch sweets for me
luv luv!
those maiya candy inside got plum one u know u know?

with mitchie and Pearl

nobody expected a funny face hahaha

mitchie and her hb, js..
He is literally an adult size of walking Malcolm
lol I want post Malcolm pic here v funny!!

IMG_2594grabbed malcolm pic from mitchie fb ( DONT MIND HOR? hehehe)
V funny v funny v cute! HOR???

@YourmotherPearl nickname used to be Xiaopearl
as exposed by mitchie LOL

Mitchie and I were teasing our hubbys in twitter
I thought they wont wanna sing duet cos quite gay
somemore they not familiar w each other

Sang 你那么爱她 somemore!

so when men sing they need protect their private area?
who will attack? LOL

crop my face cos i gam the old sch candy face like pork

I jus took my drowsy med
hope I can one sleep dao tian ming
my backache’s been v bad lately

i not natural birth leh why still so pain
Goodnight guys
Dont abandon this space
I’ll blog soon!!!