Friday, June 03, 2011

Last Weekend

Caslin and I met up last Saturday!
She saw on my blog that I was gonna hibernate
& she didnt want that HA HA
Survived my weekend with their company!

We met up for lunch at NEX

long time no see! Trev and Cheryth

Didnt know what to do around NEX
so we decided to take a cab to Bouncing Kids
the least crowded place on a wkend
$15 on a weekend


Trev walked away from the ball pit and emo at a corner

FUNNY hahaha

back to back lol
i push u

u push me


I was saying I was hungry and craved for the steamboat Sherin brought me to
Caslin said LETS GO!


This Caslin pasted stickers over Cheryth’s face
Then the steamboat produced this smokey effect
Sailormoon much LOL


It was a great weekend
Now the other is here!

I hope I get the green light to go to the movies w Pearl tonight!