Thursday, June 16, 2011

Animals United!

Woke Trev up at 830am on Monday
He usually wakes around 9 or 10
So it was pretty early for the both of us!

Stretch stretch! Stretch facial muscles!

Sub consciously still sleeping


Took the train and got to NEX by 10AM!
One of the rare times I wasn’t late heehee

Waiting for Pearl and Phelove!

Animals United was cute!
Lots of animals, quite educating!
Spreads the message to all on the damages humans have caused
to the environment and to all the animals

Movie started at 1030am (EARLY HOR?)
There were a few empty seats so we let the kids sit on the seats themselves!
I could see that Trev enjoyed the movie!

After the movie!


discussing which movie to watch together next HAHAHAHA

Trev and Phelove rship always involve trolleys one

IMG_0479there! see! them in a trolley few months ago

we parted ways and went home to nap after lunch!

then went to have dinner with my dad

dad buy ice cream for Trev again

LOL my cheeky boy, weather too hot for him