Monday, May 16, 2011

<3 Weekend

Been trying to spend as much time together as a family
as we can,
Hubby will be deployed to France for about 2 months (SOBS)
Departing on the 21st of may

brought Trev for a stroll at ECP this wkend

He’s in love w the radio controller cars!
Gets all excited just by watching the cars speed on the tracks

Caught Trev scratching his bum! hahahaha

I wanted to walk over to the beach
But the guys were so hooked
we eventually sat down and watched

HAHAHAHA his face so funny LOL

discussing about the cars in Trev’s funny language

STILL dont bear to leave

bought a ticket for a ride!
$3 for less than 3 mins *&(#@&

Excited Trev!!!

started to pat his shoulders
freaking out… HAHAHA

worried Trev,
also dont know why he look so worried

I’m starting to freak out too
Its the longest time EVER that hubby is gon’ be away for more than a month
longest he went was to India and for 3 weeks

Hope i have stronger drive and power to survive
this SUPER DOUBLE OT month!
i gotta spend it fruitfully and keep US well occupied!
At least I have Trev’s company!
and my <3<3 friends!!!

Jiayou Jiayou!!!!
*shoves insecurities and paranoia aside*