Friday, May 20, 2011

Too tired

Back from our movie date!

Too tired to switch on e lappy
Pirates of the caribbean did not disappoint us, not a wee bit!
We've nv missed one POC movie and I'm glad we managed to catch this together before he leaves for France!!

Hubs will have his weekends free
But will probably be exploring town or even Paris with his fellow colleagues!

France n Paris!!! omg so dope
13 hours of flight for him

His hotel looks OKAY
Has wifi though..

I rly don't know how I'd do without him
V handicapped
(wished I could drive)

Lunch and dinner have to settle on my own
No one to bring me out for supper or strolls at night
No one to talk n tell to when Trev does something new or funny

Major ZZZ

I'm starting to doubt my ability to manage things on my own..
But at e same time trying real hard to be super strong

I should take it as his normal "duty" nights
I should be fine

Or can I? Or cannot? zZZZ

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