Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stupid humid weather

The weather has been REALLY strange lately
I’ve been feeling super baked
like in a microwave

Every breeze which was supposed to be COOLING felt otherwise

& we were stupid enough to go to Newton circus for dinner
-.- (did not disappoint tummy though.)
(stall 46 stingray v shiok)
went to ECP for a stroll after dinner
hoping the sea breeze would cool us down
SORRY HOR, the breeze is warm one

Whole body felt so sticky

Trev holding onto a “FAN”
that was given to him by a hawker at Newton circus
for us to fan ourselves HAHA
smart hor? paper plate poke chopsticks

Trev’s been super into this recently

He’ll stop, say READY, 1,2,3, GO!!!!
and race with either one of us!

very amusing and fun to see him do that!
No one taught him must stop and say ready GO before we can race leh

we ended our night with sticky bodies
smelly armpit that smells like raw chicken WAHAHAH

this post, pictures v sub standard

blogger was down this post was kept in my drafts
it so happens to be super cooling these days
i take back my “stupid humid weather”

i need to blog about ELECTION DAY!