Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pearl’s Bday Lunch!

Yanwen and I gave Pearl a treat for her bday!
Was quite sure Pearl loves jap food too
so I decided on Suntec’s Kuishinbo
part timed there eons ago

our tummies were well filled!!!
hubby and i hoot savoury items
this Yanwen kept gg for fondue and desserts!!!

didnt see her put a grain of rice into her mouth
was like quite worried keep ask her
U like that will full meh?

MAMA 1 and MAMA 2 hahaha
Trev calls both MAMA

my lover boy super possessive over his trains

coping the soup’s meat LOL

Chlovelle doing an awesome wink!


boys like to tease girls
girls like to be teased

Trev grew a moustache after noming a choco dipped grape

the long line of kilos and calories
But vvv yums

Pearl and Yanwen!

Pearl and I

Together we are Yanpearlmine
I should give replace Yw’s christian name
From Clover to Pep

At least i can say

Together we are Pep Pearl Mine HAHAHAHAHA

hope til we use purple ezlink card le still can be as close!!

my hubby before he left
drag him along cos…. I feel time w him not much le
My understanding friends didnt mind him around either LOL

Chlovelle and Trev!

always having their little moment

but not for too long hahahaha

Velle doing a peace sign!

Trev & Velle”s expressions super cute!

Today is the 25th!
Its also Pearl’s bday!!!

She’s holding her personal concert at Kbox w her hubby
I hope u enjoy ur day!!!
Happy Bday and have a great one!!! <3