Monday, May 23, 2011

Not much time

France to me (in my ignorant little mind)
everything made up of flour

So i suggested that i whip up dinner one day after Hubby’s work
Hubby v encouraging He likes it when i cook
& he cld eat something from me before he leaves

Dont know why i was in the mood to clean up e prawns
Normally i jus dump into wok n fry
and dumb me clear e prawn’s poo thinking is below not on the back –.-

My essence-y corn and carrot soup
OILY hahahaha probably cos i used minced pork
use pork ribs v waste leh Trev wont eat pork ribs meat
too tough…
Bi-coloured corn IS LOVE!!! aka 珍珠玉米
never wanna use those miserable skinny corns EVER

steamed fish, chili prawns and golden mushroom pork

baobei’s share!

The next day was Vesak day!
P.H!!! More family time!

Hubby buying 4D,
wait til v bored
so I … forced him to take pictures w me



At City Square Mall,

How much his die cast metal trains mean to him
He does this even when we’re on the mrt
Spare his trains an entire seat

BB Ball fun!!!

Trev on the carousel!

Trev’s first game of arcade hockey

This is happiness… Right?! :D

Daddy bought him 2 more trains to add on to his collection!
He now has 5 of them
Go out must bring all!
If i left one at hm he’d demand to look into my bag and dig and whine

After putting Trev to bed,
We went out to the carwash and had some alone time

luv luv I MISS U zzzz SIGH

At least we did what we could!
Spend the very last few days together….

Time so slow so slow so slow