Thursday, May 26, 2011

How R You?

I’ve been coping well on my own,
Able to not be “emogurl90” 24/7

Its been ONLY 5 days TSK
I either stayed home or go out jus for lunch

Today is a happy day!
Out of the 5 not so happy days….

IMG_1938My Trevie was my bestest companion!
Even when the house was empty and quiet last night
(Mum abandon me and went to batam for 2D1N)

IMG_1940With my little imp I hardly had free time to get emo
He makes my day…

IMG_1975I lugged out the chest of books and placed it in my room
No time to be lazy!
Surprised Trev would put a pillow to support his back against the bed frame
Then lean on me and hear me read him his books!

IMG_1977I hope reading will tame down his hyper ness

IMG_1982I tried frying kuay teow one day and failed
It got really soggy like becoming chai tao kuey
so i threw it away and had to replace it w a…. not so filling meal

IMG_1998our simple lonely dinner
first time fry wings inside is cooked de
normally outside gonna charred le inside still raw


this is what i anticipate for every night!
Everyday wait til 3AM to webcam
Im becoming kungfu panda
I keep myself super occupied w the gossip girls episodes
that Yanwen got for me in her hard disk!
One thing i really appreciate is her thoughtfulness!
I feel bad thinking of what ive REALLY done for her
Im not doing enough!


Im especially happy today,

Cos I brought Trev for a great lunch out,

I spent some alone and fun time w  him at the arcade,
We played arcade bowling and when he scores he initiates a Hi five!

I did some shopping and bought new slippers socks and shoes for Trev,

My mum came home and shared her Batam experience w me,

I met Sherin for a great dinner and we brought the kids to the KTV!!
Trev’s very first time!!!
Lots of awesome funny cute pics!!!!! Videos too!!!


I picked up a $2 note today when I stepped out of the lift!
Laid totally exposed on the ground
so many people walked past but no one saw

Like is for me one LOL!!!!

Happy Happy..
Hope everyday so happy
So my time will pass faster

Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile

Ok now i go chase my Gossip Girls le
keep checkin back cos Zayden and Trev really!!!!!!
VVVVVVVVV cute!!!!