Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Flight to BKK

We were supposed to depart on the 20th April,
But we were late for our flight!
Drama max max max Hubby flared up big time
From yelling at the airline REP to making a phone call,
then requested to speak to a higher representative
refer from higher to the highest

Plane has yet to take off
But check in counters were already closed

Luckily for Hubby’s persistent argument,
We were able to catch the next flight on the 21st to bkk
without additional charges
& the hotel + agency were SUPER AWESOME
to let us postpone the check in date a day later
so that equals to extending our stay to the 29th :D

Sometimes i love hubby’s ability to fight for things HAHAHAHA

it was a blessing in disguise la actually
we had more time to pack and to prepare!

being the 21st of april,
(fact is bday is over)
hubby still wanted me to feel like IT IS STILL FOR ME, FOR MY 21ST
So he told me he’ll wish me happy bday every morning
so I’ll feel like it is my bday every single day during e trip –.-

We arrived at the airport super early
for our 405pm flight!
Once bitten twice shy HAHA

Checked in our baggage and to the departure hall!

The closest Trev has been to an airplane!

Trev in awe

“airplane airplane”

Before boarding

Our boarding passes!!!

Very Trev hor? hehehehehe

One thing i super love about travelling with Trev is,
Priority to board the plane,
priority to leave the plane,
Q at priority lines to get our passports chopped
saves alot of waiting time!

To travel with Trev also means

We were allocated the executive class seats!
Super spacious omg love it love it
Myanmar airlines is a small aircraft
but for an ulu airline which is not too well known,
It was surprisingly quite up to standard!

o look how much Trev has grown
he has his own seat now!
dont need to sit on my lap with that infant belt!

Trev handled take-off well
Thank god

With him around i dont have to worry about doing things :D
He always gets things done up for us <3

feasting on his snacks

Food was served shortly after take-off!

Aircraft food always so yummy

super fascinated by the handwritten burmese
like transformer’s codes!

Little Einstein kept him entertained
& this little boy didnt get a wink of sleep throughout the flight HAI

Finally here!!! To the land of smileeeees!

Got stuck in a jam while on our way to the hotel
Probably for more than an hour.. YAWN

Happy and excited Trev!

We stayed in The Grand President Hotel
at Sukhumvit
neighbouring area were pubs, beer houses, and clubs
a lot of american tourists and their erm thai gfs HAHA
pretty awesome place


upon check in, we had two single beds
called for housekeeping to jiap them into one and PU bedsheets over

Left our bags in the room and off we went for our super late dinner!
TREV U SO STRONG xin ku ni le so late eat

Had our dinner at a nearby cafe
See how HYPER Trev was?

Not a minute NOT MOVING

Every meal tom yam goong til my head goong goong
But we like

Sad is that either one of us has to order something not spicy
For our little baobei

In bkk everything is very flavourful
(trying not to think about the amount of salt and fish sauce in that)
but i like super salty food

Got our tummies filled and some necessities
and back to our comfy comfy hotel

Housekeeping v efficient

Our pantry!


Room provided

Got miniatures from 7-11
I love this ponds facial cleanser ever since I tried it the prev trip

Was given 3 days of complimentary wifi!

Trev fast asleep!

Super worn out
sleep til head at where the legs are supposed to be

That marks the first day of our trip!

Anticipate for the next BKK post!
Super image heavy so Im splitting them up!