Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dragon Warrior

Mum had more than a week off from work!
We brought Trev out for Kungfu Panda 2 on thursday!

V kiasu V worry can’t get good seats
So we headed out super early!

ditched the pram cos we had to take a bus to get to Tampines

we reached Tampines Mall at like 11 am LOL
plan was to watch 140pm slot
but we were so early we could manage the 12.50 slot

After our early lunch we still had time for arcade!

Trev’s favourite arcade bowling game

tried another bowling game

We went to toysrus and every nerf series gun reminded Trev of daddy
Cos he called out DADDY DADDY DADDY

He was so cute at the Thomas train sets section
Picked the trains out carefully (as thou choosing)
but eventually walked off

We enjoyed the movie!
Always felt the theatre at NEX is much better
cos of the angle of the seats
GV v loud, and seats were all levelled
If infront got a mister head very big then thats it
Trev wont be able to see

Shld try cathay next!