Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BKK’2011 (ii)

21-29th April

DAY 4,
We came up with a strategic plan LOL

Got up super early for breakfast at the cafe!

cheery Trev is an early bird
doesnt sleep in til late de

Love hotels breakfasts HEHEHE


Trev arranging the things on the table
into a choo choo train

We went to the rooftop pool after breakie

Plan was to give Trev his breakfast,
& head back to the hotel to swim!
After swimming CONFIRM v tired
thats when he takes an early nap (predicts)


my favourite mall
until i become an old grandmother

Had lunch at Fuji the first thing when we arrived!

Cheryth will love their kids cutlery hehe

my salmon don don don

we’re salmon lovers

the best thing for Trev
he always eats his Tamago and ditches the rice
now give him all tamago no rice


And amazingly,
we shopped the entire day away at ONE mall
explored the new wing
omfg that mall is still expanding…
The last time i went to Platinum
i shopped there consecutively for 4 days
this time round about 3 days

bought Dunkin donuts back to e hotel

it was late and there were v few varieties to choose from ZZ

3rd day of my manicure
i swallowed the 3d nail art

NO LA it jus came off
Laoya pokz

the bling fell off as well

On the 5th Day,

fatty tourists at breakfast again

my breakfast always v weird combi

went back to the hotel cos SAI ONG wanted to poo
like father like son
Trev had a hard time getting his poo out of his xiaopipi too

when we wanted to go over sayang him he’d be like NOoooOOoo
No no No No NONONO!!!
when he poos and cries miserably we cant touch him
only can stand and watch *sniffs*


lunch at MBK’s 5th Food avenue

favourite chai yen

pepper chicken and SUPER AWESOME tom yam goong
must try must try
at the corner near the cashiers

take one bite le will say TOMORROW i must come n eat again

Trev’s fried rice

Trev’s new cutesy tiger paw shoes!!
he growls when he sees his shoes!

decided hubby and i should get one too! HAHAHA
but the person who was willing to give us a cheaper price didnt have pink

we both got black so if
me trev n hubby walk together Trev’s one will contrast LOL
my mum and sis feel that our shoes AWFUL til die
yes will abit, but wear out v cute leh HAHAH

i still kinda regret never get one more pair
in light pink

we stayed around MBK the entire day
jus nuaing there

best buy that day!

950 baht but hubby kill til 600baht
omg love him n his that mouth LOL

exact same thing mbk highest level selling 1100 baht –.-

the start of the next new day
6th? or 7th?

we went to Platinum and took a tuk tuk back to the hotel!

My first time!
So is Trev’s!
Hubby always said v dangerous de
v smelly sit there smell smoke
might as well take cab

but he finally brought us on one!

Trev loved it!
Went wooo and ahhh while the tuk tuk charges forward LOL

Tuk tuk driver was v amused w Trev

very few buys…
very annoyed with the chiffon trend
left i see chiffon right i also see chiffon

we got back early so hubby brought Trev for a swim again!
I jus sat and and watched them

he really really really really loves swimming

me and my siao zar bor paw

went to explore the sukhumvit streets
where they sold viagra and “MEN’S GEL”
i dont know whats that supposed to be

dinner at a random restaurant
pricey ZZ

love their kids cutlery

pasta for Trev

green curry for moi

hubby’s phad thai

wanted to get roadside banana and choco prata
but that uncle had those frequently will orpisai face
and his fingers v black i scared LOL

at Siam!
Our last FULL day!

Walking to MBK

Swensens cantaloupe icecream super yums!

I had pig trotter rice that my dad LOVED
and would nv miss it if he was at mbk
hubby will say wa eat alr v good, COLLAGEN!

Took the tuk tuk back to the hotel again!
Felt like if they jam brake I’m gonna fly out
and be basil minced jasmine

Trev enjoyed the ride!


Cath kidston for myself

hope it doesnt fail me

waiting for our dinner!

Hubby called for room service

food was in mega big portion and it was yummy!

huge juicy prawns

took some time to pack up after Trev slept

felt like i needed more flops


my baby so sound asleep

we got to the airport early on the 29th
v worried will miss our flight
like if suay suay kana caught in a jam or what

We waited suppppppppperrrrr long

Read the chinese words
say til people will v unwilling to sit
if is those who really 老弱病残,
will feel v depress n upset leh


waited til rot

finally on board the plane

It was a fun and fruitful trip!
What’s best was that it was for ME!
for my 21st!

My bday at My favourite place
doing MY favourite thing (cheap shopping)
with MY loves!

havent felt so loved and doted on for QUITE some time le

I’m addicted to bkk
Hb says he owes me a honeymoon trip
I told him i dont mind if u bring me go bkk LOL

No Maldives, Hua hin also can!

Last but not least,
thank you for spending more than 10 full days with me
thank you for bringing us around

Hb, i feel v blessed
but can u don’t keep nag and say me
and piss me off so often?

Thank u love u!!!