Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Zayden’s 2ND Bday!

Zayden had his 2ND bday party held on the 2nd april!
A day before Trev’s!
and on the same day as my nephew!

Thomas theme!

Zayden and Trev

Sherin with the cake and thomas cupcakes!
Party favors were very awesome haha
the entire bag was super filled (almost burst)
and every kid got a helium filled foil balloon of their fav character!
Trev got an Elmo one!

Attempting to let e both of them take a pic

While we were singing Zayden his birthday song

He knows its all about him on his special day! hahahaha

Cute and tasty vanilla Thomas cuppycake

I had to rush over to my nephew’s 1st bday
at the SAF seaview resort so I wasnt able to snap as many pictures
But Trev had a good time playing with Z’s train sets

Really liked how there was a printed railway track on the ground that leads all e way to their doorstep!
and she had like SOOOOOO many hugeass foil balloons…

Zayden next time didi come ur house play ur LV thomas train set k!
Two boys, a lot of thomas = MAXI CUTE!

Gimme some time!
Post on Zayd and Isaac’s bday before Trev’s! Tomorrow!!!
Hubby’ll be at work so i’ll have time to blog!