Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It was Trev’s exact 2nd birthday on the 7th of April!
We spent our day together really well
Trev was well behaved, cheery
and did not let out his signature wail all day!

We woke up early and got ourselves prepared!
Put on the RL polo on Trev which was a gift from Sherin
and it looked good on him!

Super smiley!

His smiles melts my heart!!!

His smiles are always cheeky too

Posing for me to snap a pic of him! But auto focus screwed up

Brought him out to NEX with my mum
Hubby was on half day
So he met us there
& I bought the tix for the movie RIO

Sogurt treat for Trev (and myself haha)

Savouring! Thank god he didnt make a mess

Self feeding himself
Spot his other hand… Eat until so stress

My sweetest guys

Trev tricked his daddy?


feed myself more important!

Trev went like bird bird birds
at the start of the movie
Im sure he enjoyed it!
We watched it together with yanwen and velle!
and the sweetest woman gave Trev yet ANOTHER gift
reason being, on birthday itself receive presents then got birthday feel..
shes showering Trev with gifts like a buffet spread! lol

we left after the movie with them
and headed to Changi airport!

I remembered how my parents used to bring me
to the Swensens at the airport
for that ice cream with a candle…
& now, I’m doing the exact same thing to my own kid

Had our dinner there as well!

with my awesome boy

om nom noming on his fish nuggets

damn so melted already TSK

Trev GANDONG wahahhaaha
“Surprised” LOL

Couldn’t have given him anything better
He loves ice cream
He loves blowing out candles

Singing him a bday song softly LOL

He can’t wait!


He took the cherry, dipped some cream,
licked cream off, and repeatedly did this again n again
Recycling the cherry

the day he ate the most most most unhealthy things

sharing his love

His daddy chomped away his cherry
and guess what?

He dip the cherry stalk w cream then licked it off
just like how he did with the cherry –.-

cleaning up those messy little hands

unwrapping the gift from Yanwen ah yi

Jus what he loved most right now!
CARS! even better one!
One that floats
and its colour changes with different temperature of water
His expression desperately wants me to open it up NOW

waiting waiting

Look how anxious Trev is LOL

He loves it! thank you dear!!!

He went to test drive his new car over the slide

Super happy wants his daddy to “hop” his toy car when it slides down

He did this over 10 times

Pushed his car.
Car speeds ahead.
Car stops.
Walks over to pick up his car.
Pushed his car.
Car speeds ahead. . . .

Walk til carpark TOMORROW MORNING LE

Brought our little bday boy to Tampines Toys R Us
to pick his bday present from me!

Looking hard for a good one!

He chose this SBS BUS
Im like WHAT THE. . . .
Please proceed to choose another one

Checking out the dinosaur train characters
But figured out he alr has Buddy and Tiny to interact le
So might as well get something else

Before we left, We got a Thomas block cake

Confirm let Trev blow candles blow til scared

I dont want to sit on ur lap!
I’m 2 yrs old le HOR!

Thats better!!!

Jus take it as Trev is making his wish HAHAHA

Trev and his beloved Ah ma


His expression like very gandong again

This simple bathtoy actually cost $44.90!
thomas series jus vvvv ex
Good thing about it is that Trev willingly goes for his bath,
at times in excitement!

Yellow wheel spins when filled with water
Green tank can also be filled with water to shower Thomas
that ramp lets thomas slide all the way and down the ending

then falls into the tub

Trev loves bathtime even more now!

Time flies!
2 years into being a mum
Watched how much he has grown in this two years
It has been the greatest experience

Nothing is more deserving than a great birthday celebration.
U’ve been our best my dearest Trev!
We love U!