Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ieeny Meeny

We’ve been frequenting NEX a lot
I found a fun game at the arcade
touch screen one,
to clear the similar blocks of pictures on the screen

U know U know U know???

Trev act one pro

like real right? hahahaha

We went to the beach (out of the blue) at ECP
after lunch at NEX on a weekday

wants daddy to pick some stones for him

stones please!!!

Smile first!

Forceful smile

Yanwen commented earlier (when we met) that
Trev’s top WOW where? and the arrow is point where?
only now then i find it . . . . YA HOR lol

Hopefully his future asset is a WOW

and becos Trev was standing on a slope like tilted ground,
the tide came and caused Trev to lose his balance
He fell flat on his face (supposedly) but his tummy was so huge
he pivoted on his tummy
His face hit and ate some sand thou
WAHAHAHHA friggin funny
passerby angmo laughed out loud when he walked pass and witnessed that moment

My milk belly bb

A way to relieve stress? hahahha

Trev throwing stones

Differentiating between a rock and a stone?

he sells seashells on the seashore

mua chee feet

mua chee baby feet

Trev haolian dont want take pic

If got feel like weird weird
but dont know where,
maybe is my eyeliner

Contemplated whether or not to bring him on the huge rock thing
V worried will kena STOMP
" Dumb parents risks toddler’s life "
But we went up anyway

Trev being a sweetie
fascinated by his handful of stones

Picking stones


I brought Trev to Nex for Macs with P&P <3

Wore matching tops with Trev
But left the house and felt super paisei while walking to the station
I have this thing with people looking at me
& not knowing the reason
I’m blaming it on low self esteem


IMG_0477meet means must have “skinship”

IMG_0478Trev pooped a diaper full of peanut butter poo
Had to wash him n change him up
This top was a gift from Pearl Red heart
Thanks love!!!!
She even washed it before passing it to me!
Sweet ba?


Now Phelove and Trev can have COUPLE WEAR hahahahahahaha

& I cant stop laughing at Phelove’s blur look