Tuesday, March 15, 2011


On the 8th of March ( Hubby’s bday)
He had his off day from work
& the plans were that I am to bring him to
"somewhere he didn’t know” for his birthday lunch

We were up early and were all prepared
while the super TU birthday boy took his own sweet time

UPSET TREV: Why daddy soooooo long

IMG_0561Waited from INSIDE the house
to OUTSIDE the house

Finally out!

& I figured out that if I were to tell Hubby the location,
and if he’d just drive there, there would be no element of surprise
So i told him how about we ditch the car and take a cab instead
Used 9 cows 2 tigers’ strength,
I managed to convince him to take a cab
Without arousing his suspicion

Waiting for a cab

Got on the cab and while hubby was folding up the pram
I quickly told the driver the location to head to
I insisted on a “short term” surprise

Lunch was at . . . . . .

Had a hard time deciding on Sapphire or The Black Opal
Was pretty worried it’d be warm especially for lunch @ Sapphire
cuz it was Alfresco dining
But the weather was really good that day!
I made reservations a day before just in case
But perhaps it was a weekday,
there wasn’t any crowd.
Hubby went “ I highly suspect you reserved the entire restaurant”
Ya right lol.

IMG_0572Great ambience, prompt service,
& my happy man :D

We took the 3 course set meal
hassle free, no need to think lol

super yums appetizer
succulent prawns nom nom nom

Trev joining us the grown up way
Byebye high chair, for A day.

pretty structure of the place

the husband was happy with the place and ambience

i took the chicken
he took the fish

surprisingly, both were YUMS
fish was real juicy
chicken was tenderrrrr
I ate zucchini for the first time –.- (i know)
AND I LIKED IT hahahaha

the view that sat beautifully behind our table
awesome hor?!

red and white caution stripes a bit turn off though lol

Trev went crazy “ICY ICY ICEEEEY”

"Damage” was about $110 for our 3 course set meal LOL
Lunch was on me and it rarely happens HA HA HA
So i hope YOU liked IT

by the koi pond at the restaurant

saw a random bell
so just took pictures with it lah

Hubby THOUGHT all i had planned was lunch
and with me being the not-so-bad actress
I came up with a “random but planned” suggestion

"Where/What to do now?”
"AH! Why not we go on the cable car ride? Since we’re already here!”

Our first time on the Jewel box cable car ride!

While we were purchasing the tickets,
the staff asked if we wanted a round trip or a single trip
Afraid that hubby will say round trip,
I quickly made some sense and said
single trip la if not come back here very hard to wait for cab

A single trip leads us to Sentosa
and back to harbourfront at any time of the day

Hubby thought we were on a random cable car ride
Hubby thought we were going to Sentosa for a random walk
& to make things a little more convincing,
I told him we could take the cable car back to harbourfront for a movie
after Sentosa

could manipulate him for one day

a cabin to ourselves!
the ride was super fun
it was awesome when the cabin went directly above the sea

Hubby is afraid of heights
He said his balls shrunk –.-

The trees behind me looked like a hugeass broccoli

spot hubby freaking out behind

nearing sentosa!

we arrived at Sentosa’s Imbiah after the cable car ride ended
Imbiah only got sky ride, luge, merlion
Everywhere was scorching hot and there weren’t much sheltered areas
Hubby hates perspiring til whole body sticky
So i made use of his weakness

Actress me (lol) came up with “a supposedly smart but random" suggestion”
again, and that is to head over to RWS
where there’d be more airconditioned places
& we’ve never really explored that place before

I even went to ask a sentosa staff
Wheres the sentosa express station?
Whats the RWS station called?
When I already knew –.-
Must put on a convincing act infront of Hubby ma

It all went too well
We arrived at RWS’s Waterfront station LOL

& trust me,
Hubby wasnt at all suspicious nor was he expecting anything
To him, it was just a very unplanned day after a simple planned lunch
Cos we were practically all over the place hahaha

the direction I am suppose to head to
after asking a RWS staff when hub was in the toilet

not because he knew what i had in mind
But becos he wanted to bring me to get Garrett’s popcorn
very –.-
the only obstacle i faced while manipulating the bday boy HAHAHA

LL walked back

BUT to Garrett~

Fat and happy with Chicago mix
Really is eat until face green green

Obese adam and eve

auto focus screwed up
Hubby with a hot victoria secret model board
he loves it alot
the model not the picture
sorry i am not angmo

I gave him this and made him wait at Hard rock convention hall
DUMB ME am supposed to give him this gift during the cable car ride
But i got so excited while im on the ride til i forgot!

Suppose to make him feel like ok now uve had ur lunch
uve had ur gift, Ur bday is over.
lets go for a movie.

I chionged to Festive hotel’s front desk
he thought i went to Boulangerie to get him a cake

I proceeded to check in
Jen had requested for me to for an early check in and that I needn’t be 21 to check in
But the front desk was so ^$%&#$%
She refused to let me check in

I had to reveal my surprise RELUCTANTLY
I was suppose to check in successfully
then bring him up the room
but i had to bring him to help me check in instead haha

After checking in,
front desk gave me another problem
The room was a deluxe twin
and that the deluxe queen rooms were full

Jen helped me alot, from successfully and conveniently booking the room
to helping me liaise with the front desk
She helped me the most in making this surprise a successful one
though eventually the frontdesk this cannot that cannot
this dont have that dont have,
I am still thankful for JEN’s HELP!! <3

At Festive hotel’s lobby

checking in!
Trev with his complimentary fun pack from the hotel!

Front desk staff holding onto his hand,
He act one guai

At the corridor leading to our room


I hope he is caught by surprise after surprise.

instead of a queen bed
the limited space on one will make us closer LOL

Trev was super in love with the room

Bed was super fluffy

wrestling with his daddy
boyish moments –.-

A ball, A sponge and A cute toothbrush!


laid the given linen on the sofa bed
and he started climbing up and jumping down

Hubby loved the place so did Trev

The amount of clothes I painstakingly COMPRESSED
I started with ALOT of clothes
then i eliminated one by one becos my bag couldnt zip up lol

Li hai ba?

this was the gift i got for him from Levis

O, ok, so now you guys know my chi chi name lol

The cute tooth brush from Festive

preparing to go check out the pool!

yea he walked to the pool dressed like this

splash splash!!!!

calling out to me to join them




he decided that walking over to pull me over is better than calling out to me

his cute footprints

back for a shower!!

wrapped up like an adult! cute?!

view from our room

left the room and went to take the cable car to harbourfront

lake of dreams

a whole new experience when it comes to riding in the cable car at night

ji romantic yi xia

2 trips on the cable car
he conquered his fear of heights! hahaha

finally reached vivo!
ate our dinner

bought 930PM tickets for Gnomeo & Juliet!
Our first movie with Trev!
The first time i brought him to a movie hubby wasnt there with us

took the sentosa express back to our room
and called it a night!
wanted to steal it home

The next morning,
Trev also very ON

Walked out to wake his Daddy


nomming on a croissant

Smoked salmon for breakfast!

Scrambled eggs is loveeeeee!

the sibei expensive piece of cake
exactly what flavour i also dont know!

was suppose to blow out candles on a cake the night before
but Trev fell asleep so we did it the next day :D

then i chut my final attack


Hubby exclaimed

Levis tee was a…. decoy
Thou i spent money and bought it as well

Was it surprise filled for u luv?
I hope I made you happy. . . .
Not everyday, but at least that day?

Plain yet overpriced armani xchange tee TSK

Trev happily marching towards the lift
We headed to the Hard Rock Hotel’s pool!

Hard Rock Hotel’s pool is way cooler


The man made beach style poooooool

super fine and silky sand!

Never in my friggin life have i stepped on such soft sand

erm, are we at the beach or at the pool?

for a moment like in Cancun hahahahahah

freaked out by the softness of the sand in the water HA hA

Hubby attempted to throw me in the pool…. MANY TIMES


Trev couldnt slide down successfully
Wasnt slippery enough

Hubby kept splashing water onto the slide to make it slippery

I wasnt expecting him to slide down fast
but he did! and he sank to the bottom IN THE POOL
I scooped him up from the water and my camera went in for a dip too

but got REVIVED!
Thanks to my bucket of rice!
Place ur waterlogged camera into a bucket of rice for a few days
Osmosis will dry up any moisture that is hidden in ur camera
Do not attempt to turn on ur camera though

I hope hope hope Hubby enjoyed his birthday this year
Everything was so carefully planned
from the place to dine and how it would lead us to another place
I had to keep alot to myself (almost died)
I went out alone bringing Trev all the way to Vivo to get his gift
then back without him knowing

It took weeks to plan but a day to end

I hope I made you a happy hubby….
Happy Birthday Love.

K now I’m broke