Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Eve

We gathered a few good friends together
on the eve of Hubby’s bday!
Glad Pearlie, Xavier, Pearl & Salina
were able to join us even though it was a weeknight!


We ditched the car and took a cab
Trying to abide to
“if u drink don’t drive”
Picked Salina from sengkang and off we went to SOUL

Pretty mama Pearl

The most decent pic of Xavier with Pearlie! He kept shutting his eyes! lol

IMG_0548We went down to get Macs for supper
While the guys stayed up there



IMG_0617Salina and I same hair length same height dress same length
I only nv cross leg

IMG_0619Got some pics from Pearl


SAD no cake shop and the clock was gonna strike 12mn
The girls suggested that Cinnamon melts was the closest to a cake
So boxim of me to give him that LOL

No candles too. No flame.
So, ya. A dipped french fry
Bad wife is me….

bday boy erm i mean man hahahaha

Girl POWER! POW***

Salina and Pearl <3

They are inseparable LOL

I was laughing at this pic
and i had a few similar shots
I laughed after Pearl said
“我的手很丑” LOL
Dont know how she AOW her finger til like that

wire jiap sala

Don’t wonder why it’s my hubby’s bday gathering
but end up pictures of us is more than pictures of him
and girls camwhore. A LOT

We played murderer –.-

We were all in black that day
It was a coincidence!
Even hubby and Xavier were in black!

Were we glad!
to have the greatest company
and we managed to spend the 1st min into his birthday
with fun and laughter

On day of Hubby’s bday,
We spent it well as a family!
Blog that up when I can!

I’m totally drained.
Needs time out to snooze