Monday, February 28, 2011


Met Salina for a short while today during lunch with Trev
& the sweetest friend of mine never forgets us!
She got me a little bunny as a belated vday gift!

IMG_0441Trev showing his affection towards his new friend



Then suddenly turned vicious and
chomped on it

My week is so gonna suck
I’m always home cos 1. too lazy, 2. dont want to spend
3. not enough sleep 4. dont know where to go

On a side note,
Ive been changing my shampoo so frequently
but i still couldnt find the best for myself
My scalp gets a little oily at times esp during that week of the month
I dont like flat hair

Dove gave me a head of oily hair
Follow me gave me flat hair
Silkpro made my hair super rough
Sunsilk use long le v oily
Pantene oily and i noticed increased hairloss
BaWang very smelly
Loreal also SUPER oily
Clairol makes my hair flat too

still got alot alot alot
even used Trev’s J&J shampoo
all not good de!!!!

Intro me shampoos?
Dont call me buy high end shampoos cos i very niao de