Monday, February 28, 2011


Both Pearl and Hubby itch to sing
itch for ktv until wanna die lol

So we went last week
from 11pm to 2am
hearts Red heart teoheng
cheap and charges by per room per hour
not like kbox +++++ per pax til haven’t start singing,
armpit already sweat
cos they charge this charge that plus this plus that til very ex

nobody wants ur bowl of snack or ur overpriced drinks
i rather ownself bring milo powder
ur drinks one glass 10++++
teoheng $1 only lor

Lewis can release album le
His singing is superb

Pearl and her hubby
Couple wear lor lol

us and our Redroses duet LOL

IMG_0309Pearl brought her polaroid!!!

I miss going out and having a lotta fun with her