Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hubby managed to get off from work on Vday!
But not much difference
cos he had to go collect his car

& I had to go get lunch myself

IMG_0125Glad that there’s Trev thou!
My little Valentine!

IMG_0131We got on a cab and he dozed off JUST LIKE THAT

IMG_0132Probably too tired cos he had 2.5ml of his drowsy flu medicine


IMG_0137Reached NEX and Trev was still sleeping
so Trev loaned Velle’s stroller and slept in it for a little while more
while we had Sogurt

IMG_0140Fair lor, Trev had his fair share of Vday
cos he met Chlovelle, his valentine haha

IMG_0139SOOO tired even Velle couldnt wake him

After Sogurt we went around
I got a little gift for hubby but chionged home
after lunch at Din tai fung with Trev

Hid my present well
then hubby came to pick us up for dinner

wtf lor we had late lunch at like 4pm
then had to stuff myself with dinner at 730pm HAHA

I didnt know where he was bringing us to for dinner
He told me to guess
I guessed once and i guessed it right

Ive got psychic powers!
Dinner was at Chowon Garden!

Trev was very happy cos he didnt have to
get strapped up in a high chair
But we didnt expect him to sit still either HAHA

IMG_0145Authentic kimchi steamboat with everything inside
and lotsa lotsa side dishes nom noms


IMG_0151Gabra me didnt bring my camera out SOB SOB
Bobian use iphone

then hubby suddenly

was v paisei so i ask him pass below the table to me
then when we left the restaurant i said ok i carry bb u hold flowers
luckily the flowers can put in a clear bag

but still, love u for the effort and hua hua :D

after we got in the car, hubby spawned another gift for me
an esprit crossbody bag

IMG_0179my cheapo ringgit bag from port dickson almost dying le
a bag was jus what i needed (:

we went back home after dinner

Trev : FFFFwawer
his way of saying flower

can see? while we were taking pictures,
Trev plucked the berries looking thingy from the bouquet

then we bathed Trev and said night night to him
and prepared to go Soul for drinks

i kept telling hubby
i very poor so sorry nothing for u
u do so nice for me
i nothing to give u in return i feel so bad

then when we were leaving to go soul,
i surprised him with

$6 wrapper YAO SIEW AH!

no more brain cells to think of what to get for him le
He likes NERF very much
and i rmb him telling me


Us outside Soul
Not fuck my life that we’re together
it meant Fun in my life

DSC01505with Reeie and QY



IMG_0167Pearl came with us too

We were brought into Soul’s club
even thou we were in slippers
People were doing ACES work out
on the dancefloor
damn funny

Vday this yr was sweet
I hope I get to spend every vday with him
I dont wanna spend my vday alone
not now not ever!

ily (: