Friday, February 18, 2011


Was CAR-less for a day
and on a Saturday!

Changed up and walked to Compass Pt for lunch!

Trev and his weird poses haha

us with dustbin omg so fail

super focused

an engrossed Trev with youtube

Mini udon from Sakae sushi
So pathetic
super tasteless eeepui

Bear fish cake dont look like bear either
look like 2 blind mice

Then we didnt know where to go
Wanted to NEX it (NETS it) lol
but without the stroller and WITH the wkend crowd,
I wasnt confident that Trev would behave

so we took a bus with no destination in mind

take for the sake of take only
took bus 80 air con like NEVER ON omg so hot

The bus ride got Trev excited though!

Dumb dumb us took the bus and alighted at ulu Paya Lebar
then walked quite a distance to Taiseng MRT
Where did we eventually go??!?

NEX! –.-

NTUC to grab some ingredients
and I went home to prepare steamboat to satisfy my craving
while hubby napped

WHAT A BOLIAO DAY hahahahahahahaha
but so long as we’re togeher,
IT IS KAIXIN DE~~~~<3<3<3