Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We went to sis’s place
the night before dad’s flight back to SH.

It’ll be the last time dad visits her amk flat
since she’ll be moving to a new place soon

Trev playing with Isaac’s toys

Trev super tyrant
Playing with Isaac’s toys but when Isaac wanted to join him,
he pushed him away
Then Isaac stoned like 1 sec with expression like this Surprised smile
then cried like Trev hurt his feelings

My dad will then tell Isaac :

”Its ok 不要紧.
next year u can boot him back!

hahahahah funny

the next morning,
Mum, Trev and i went to the airport with dad
it was early, around 8am

in the very comfy hoodie jacket that yanwen got for Trev :D

so sad
now its just me and Trev,
home alone every afternoon

when dad was home the doggie didnt dare to pee  or poo in the living room
now he jus defies and goes back to his old ways

HAI guess dad wont be back in april for his grandson(S) bday parties le