Thursday, February 17, 2011

809 保龄球

Went bowling with @YourmotherPearl & hubby
Phelove, Trev and I went there to be audience
and blow aircon for free lol

Hg superbowl

Phelove with her fingers crossed,
like very patiently waiting

while Trev noms on his nails to pass time
grrr any ways to stop him from chomping nails?
put chilli oil ah?

A forced smile from Love
Ah yi never take gun lei why u so scared

i like how Pearl tease n laugh at hubby’s
METAL HAND hahahaha

Hubby happily bowling
cos got Pearl to accompany him
I tried to like bowling
but i cant help but feel like a dumb dumb
its like i'll  never master the art of bowling
so i gave up trying

Phelove’s favourite move

Told Trev to do the same

so fun so fun!

HAHAHAHAHA got so funny meh

grabbed me for a kiss! <3

my affectionate boy

Love Phelove’s floral sleeveless shirt
pinch pinch***

K my ba chor mee gonna PONG already
need to go settle it off now!