Thursday, January 06, 2011

Tidmouth Sheds


Trev got his 1st Thomas & friends train set this Xmas!
Waited for a loooong time to open it up and assemble them
Cos we waited for daddy to do it together


checking out his new toy!





Thomas he keep
Trash he give


“somemore got what ah” *rummages*

Hubby & Trev figuring out the parts

asshole hubby fixed up alot himself
while i figured out how to jiap the tracks
when i asked humbly how to fix
he just silently did his things and ignored me!

Ingrate lor I waited for him to check out the train set together one lei

Trev of not much help cuz destroyer seemed to be his middle name

it was supposed to be his train set
but he kept getting on our nerves while we were trying to assemble it
plus he’s not that kind who can guai guai sit with us and watch us do it

he went to find other things to keep himself occupied
and tripped over the cardboard
HAHAHAHAH funny TREV so kelianz!

Finally done up!
cant credit myself for the assembling of tracks and stuff
but i did the decal AND IM HAPPY
becos i love simple tasks that are easily accomplished lol

Trev act one read manual

Its 2, its 4, its 6, its 8
shunting trucks and hauling freight~~
down the hills and round the bends~

this song kept ringing in my mind
esp the 2468 part
but anyway the thomas on okto is kinda boring
cept for the theme song

oh and this train set seems abit too complicated for Trev
and his itchy fingers cannot stop touching the falling stones ZZ

Trev and Thomas