Monday, January 03, 2011

In the noon,
Hubby and I brought Trev over to Yanwen’s place
after lunch at NEX

The hubbys played PS Move
& The kids played with velle’s mountain of toys
while the mommies jus nua-ed

Lady Velle Velle

Trev wanted to put on the sunglasses
but refused to look straight into my camera zzz

Hubby was so engrossed in the game
he did lots of silly actions

Standing too near to my hubby when he’s playing ps move is like suicide

Hubby and Lewis
gonna fight it out on ps move

While Trev and Velle goes '”grocery shopping”

The kids were left alone to play
then when we turned around, we saw them having fun
and entertaining themselves!

Chlovelle has got the coolest cooking set
place the pan over the stove will have sizzling sound!
then place the kettle will have boiling sound!
if dont remove still will have the sound effect of the boiling water spilling out

Velle relax and sip coffee lol!

Lightbulb uncle can u don’t disturb us

Trev thought the PS move’s controller was a microphone –.-

Trev with rosy cheeks!

Velle looking all cheery especially in yellow

We all had fun
and stayed indoors on a rainy day

We then went to NEX for dinner
and rushed home to put the kids to bed
we did everything in super sonic speed
becos a room was booked at Teoheng at 10PM

we were worried they might cancel our reservation
if we werent on time
But luckily Jen and Harrison managed to get there before us

Both already very high LOL

Jen we late awhile only leh no need to release ur vampire on us LOL

Lewis the romantic singer

Hubby tuning his vocal cord hahahah

Jen and Harrison synchronizing

zz i am spongelim square face

hubby sing til abit more the top part of his head gonna burst already

Jen and me!

Harrison took pics of us

The one who GIAN ktv the MOST

<3 my 2nd NYE with u my little rat

Jen sang SHE’s Superstar like her concert
will tap feet stamp feet, like rocker LOL (i got notice hor)

standby see if can capture her doing rocker pose lol

pointing cos she’s : 你是天,你是光,你是唯一的神话,

how come i feel threatened instead of feeling like her superstar LOL
looked like she want my life instead hahaha!!

Yanwen and Lewis had to leave even before the clock striked 12
cos Velle woke up and they had to go tend to her

& when we left the teoheng at 2am,
i received a phonecall from mum with Trev crying in the background
so we had to leave even before having supper with them

Even so,
We had fun, I had fun!
i love the company of friends!!!

I wish for 2011 to be a great and better year for all of us
For more love and lesser heartbreaks
For more luck than stuck
For more time and fun
For a better you and me