Monday, January 10, 2011

A great start


The first weekend of year 2011 was

The rain dampened our mood the other time at Qianhu fish farm
so we went to a different  fish farm this time round!

It’s located at Pasir Ris farmway

Trev feeding the active koi fishes!





Fish food one pack $1 only
but can make the fishes super happy
so DON’T GIAN PENG, just feed only

Trev loves feeding fishes
I think he finds living things amazing



Love the koi fishes but not rich enough to buy and keep as a pet
only can use crayon draw and keep in my pocket





the hungry bunch

Didn’t try out the longkang fishing
1) Keepin it for later when Trev gets older
2) Don’t know what to do with the fishes
3) Don’t wish to be responsible for their deaths


Super cute ducks
Never seen a duck up close before
Their fur/feather is waterproof one HAHA

Wanted to do fish spa but i didn’t
cos i needed courage from peers LOL

Left Pasir ris shortly after and we went to ECP!

Trev with his “out of bed” look

The almost about to breakdown ferris wheel


The rollercoaster-like caterpillar ride that we had to
call for an emergency stop cuz Trev freaked out

& the ALMOST adult pirate ship that Trev went on


When it got to its peak Trev started whining whenever
the pirate ship swings down
then this malay lady came to me and told me
”He’s too young for it YOU KNOW”

hana hana screw u la
did your mother tell you you are too young to lecture me?
But still.. I gotta agree i shouldn’t have let Trev go on it
But what’s done is done he is still in one piece
didn’t vomit didn’t cry didnt fuss

go on amusement rides still got free gift one

My sunshine~

It was a weekly affair
then it went away
i hope its all coming back
I want happy, happier, and happiest days <3