Monday, January 24, 2011

Dream on


I remembered there was once,
Hubby and I had a casual talk on our “dream” cars

He was dreamily raving about the VW scirocco as his dreamed one
so i randomly said something like

"My dream car would be a Mini cooper S”

He replied in an instant
“Then you can continue dreaming”

Ya ive given up on that unrealistic dream
But Trev jus fulfilled his.

LOL, kids find happiness in the simplest things!
I want to be a kid again

We rented this trendy Mini Cooper S
at ECP. The shop was at a corner of the bicycle shop near Burger King
Cheap cheap $5 for 20mins!
Totally owned Changi Airport’s $6 for 10 mins!

Trev was on remote
cos we couldnt trust him to steer and accelerate by himself yet
& funny thing was that the remote car had radio!

Trev was dressed as batman
becos we had to attend Chloe’s 1st themed bday party that night

Steering Trev was lots of fun
Bet he had fun too!
Me heart weekends together! <3