Saturday, January 29, 2011


With Dad around,
For sure we will go and have our breakfast.
Even if we don’t,
eg. like if we went out late 12pm,
which is already lunch time,

We will all eat 2 MAIN COURSE
literally breakfast and lunch together
so wont fat is fake one

Dad and a super mischievous Trev at Compass point

Cannot control de

I was chasing after him like a crazy woman at Best Denki
If something breaks, thats it.
Cos it’ll either be a camera, laptop or tv
if break le means my life also break

grandparents love!!!

Trev’s buddy buddy with his grandpa

Pekchek with his dear grandma! lol!!!
Very funny how my mum can make Trev laugh and angry for no reason

Trev’s favourite must-have at Toast box

Big bird on his forehead to make him sit still
LOL like chinese zombie

Forcing to plant a kiss on grandpa!

can see my dad very unwilling!

the next day! going for BREAKFAST again!!
My mum says I dilly dally TOO MUCH
and that everytime wait for me to go out together,
must wait until rain
and its quite true

now that my dad is back,
I very chop chop!
my eyeliner draw thinner
foundation spread lesser
hair like itchy itchy
go out in a total mess lol

we bought alotta stuff from Daiso
for springcleaning and boxes to sort our stuff
then we brought Trev for a haircut!
the one that i previously went!

$3.50! but mayb cos CNY they increase to $4.50
still very worthed it!
i trimmed my hair too

Dearest very guai having his haircut!

I packed 1/10 of my room today
and came across some pics!


now i see my hair kinda look like Chloe’s!
bushy de!

Freaky man.
I saw a pile of pics
from my KINDERGARTEN class pics,
to my primary class pic to my secondary class pic
all i can say is….
O, look how much ive grown

a random one,
Trev and his daiso bedroom slippers
He’s been really into wearing OUR slippers around the house lately
figured out this pair of bedroom slippers might look cute/fun on him

Very soon both of them will be fighting running around!

HAI SIAN I’m so bored
Done blogging,
needa find something else to do le